1 Billion Dollars Datacenter by Facebook Believe it or Not SMP Blogs

1 Billion Dollars Datacenter by Facebook Believe it or Not

Social networking giant Facebook revealed about its plan for their first Asian data center, which is to be built in Singapore. The company has confirmed its plan of establishing a local data centre for the people of Asia to provide speedy and reliable service in terms of messaging, video streaming, virtual reality (VR) and so much more.

Thomas Furlong, Facebooks Vice President of infrastructure datacenters said This will be our first data centre in Asia at a press conference in Singapore.

The company said that its new facility would cost 1.4 billion Singapore dollars. The facility is expected to be in 170,000 square meter floor space with an 11 story building at the western Jurong area of Singapore. And by 2022 the data center is expected to be fully functional.

This is not the first time that the social networking giant has established their own datacenter, on a global level this will be their 15th datacenter. Facebook on Wednesday announced about the cooperativeness that the Singapore government gave them for the proposed plan.

Unlike other datacenters, this will have a different state of the cooling system. That is, it will be made using water rather than air. The company also has said that its Singapore data center is expected to run on 100 per cent renewable energy source just like its other data centers and will have an impact on its economy by providing hundreds of job opportunity.

The company has set up multiple data centers of its own to keep up with the rapid growth of the platform and to provide a speedy service to its customers all over the globe.

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