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160 Million Indians Sent 14 Billion WhatsApp Messages On New Year Eve

We all know how important it is for us to wish our loved ones on New Year Eve. It was those days, we went to a shop chose the best of cards and sent it to them along with a letter that expresses how we miss that on the occasion.

And with telecom operators charging an extra fee on special occasions like New Year and Diwali, people go for instant messaging apps like WhatsApp where sending of the message only cost them in MB.

Instead of those old traditional ways of wishing loved ones now simply selected a best video or image or GIF and simply click on the button to send it. Yes, its a very simple process. Ever wondered how many minds through the same? We got answers for you with numbers.

Imagine what would happen if 160 million minds thought the same as you do. A total of 3.1 billion images, 700 million GIFs and 610 million videos were sent on New Years Eve by Indians alone on the platform.

The Facebook-owned platform said that the highest number of messages shared through WhatsApp during Diwali was 8 billion messages until New Year Eve set a new record. Even thought GIFs were recently introduced into the instant messaging app it got the higher number of users to prefer it over videos.

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