Jumping Into Linux

I love Linux,so I got research more thing started from my home router to web-server and know the things how devices can interact and how we can gain access to our target victim machine.So I learn Ethical Hacking to know the leading security and backlogs in the modern world to keep servers and computers away from the cyber attacks.

Computer Science & Engineering

I did my Bachelor's degree in Computer Science & Engineering and started work in the IT firm for a year.After my interest lookup on networking and I started research on basics and know the configurations for the device setup.At the same time I've spent 2years in research on rooting android devices in a easier way and in a shorter duration.

My Spec On Hacking

Some of my works that executed with the backdoor,and attacks outside the network,and gain access permanently with the target machine without any post authentication after attacks.

Man In The Middle Framework

It is nothing but hiding us from both client as well as the router,both router and client believes attacker machine as a victim for receive and send packets.

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Our Home-router's are still available for the attack from such kind of algorithms and combinations.None of the devices in the modern world getting away from the attacks.

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Creating Backdoors & Exploits

Creating backdoors for the target machine through air or by email or through public network to gain full access for the victim machine.

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Attacks Outside The Network

Easier way to believe your target person without knowing that his/her system gets attacked in the background,and everytime they switched on.

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