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AccuWeather Will Guide You The Places Based On Their Current Weather

AccuWeather, a widely used weather app that is available for both iOS and Android as entered into a partnership with Foursquare. Foursquare is an app that is used for local search and discovery service mobile app. After this partnership both the apps will work in hand to hand to provide the recommendation of places according to its weather.

AccuWeather will initially ask you to share your location along with a date and then this will give hyper-local recommendations by pulling data from the Foursquare.

Ultimately, this feature will be able to proactively ping users and suggest places to go based on their location at that time and the current weather forecast. Need to wait out the rain? How about the highly rated coffee shop next door. Record-breaking scorcher? The app will tell you that theres a tiny strip of beach or public pool around the corner. As illustrated by Edward Tinsley, the platform business development at Foursquare.

This sharing of ones location will have specific opt-in to share and can be turned off any minute by the user. The company says that it will anonymise the entire location share to make sure that their users privacy is not compromised in any way.

Recommendation of hyperlocal places will be based on how popular the place is with the Foursquare app.

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