AI a Tool That Transforms The Things By INFY CEO SMP Blogs

AI a Tool That Transforms The Things By INFY CEO

We all know that we are living in a machine world. The time when we get replaced by machines is not so far. Artificial Intelligence is something that will pave the way for this. As the world is getting more mechanized, Artificial Intelligence is also growing along with it and one of the most fearing topics is being replaced in such as way that humans will no longer be fit to go a job.

Kris Gopalakrishnan, former Infosys CEO on speaking at India Today Mind Rocks 2018 spoke about what he feels about Artificial Intelligence and how it could transform things. He also said that we humans will have to live among machines and also became as smart as them.

When Kris Gopalakrishnan was asked about his view on the fear of losing jobs or being replaced by AI he said Every new technology can potentially replace people. And hence we need to figure out what are the jobs in the future, what are the skills that are required in the future and make sure that we acquire those skills,” Going forward he spoke about what all skills will todays generation require to excel in life. He mentioned that listening, curiosity and reading are some skills that are required by one to achieve the great target in life. He also spoke about what kind of job opportunity will be created by AI and what kind of career one should choose to live a wealthy life in the AI age.
He also said that this is the best time to grow and benefit from AI. Jobs like developing algorithms for machine learning, creating new chips and processor for machines are some top-level jobs that todays generation should think of pursuing.

He said that the youths should always stay along with current trends. Few current trends that he mentions were Neuroscience, Brain Science, Machine learning and AI. He added that the intersection of biology and computing is one of the amazing areas for one to rise and transform every aspect of life.

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