Airtel Deploys V-fiber 100mbps Broadband, Free For 3-Months

Airtel today announced that it has deployed a new technology on its Broadband network to offer speeds of up to 100mbps. The technology called V-Fiber will allow the telecom major to improve internet speeds in 87 cities where the telecom major currently operates.

The upgrade would not need any changes in the current network infrastructure on the customer end or carving out new cabling to connect them to exchanges, nor would it require any change in the existing internet plan cost. The company says it has already updated other equipment required to handle speeds this high and will allow customers to enjoy “superfast data speeds enable HD video streaming, heavy file downloads and uploads in a multi device environment (over Wi-Fi)”

But it would definitely require a modem change. And customers are required to pay for the equipment upgrade, though Airtel says it would refund the charges if the experience is not satisfactory.

Interestingly enough, Airtel is also offering unlimited free voice calling for all broadband customers. The facility available across its broadband plans will allow customers to make unlimited free voice calls to any network across the country not paying anything extra.

V-Fiber is a vectorization technology applied to a fiber network. It is currently being used in Europe. In a way, it’s a technique to get signals that carry internet across in a different way from one point to other; like some operators use WiMAX wireless for a point to point connection, while DOCSIS technology is deployed by cable operators to deliver internet through same coaxial line as used in cable TV connections.

Airtel is offering an unlimited internet plan as a free trial to consumers who are not existing users of the service. One can apply for a new connection online and get the unlimited internet offer for 3 months.

The company has also come up with various free data offers like 5GB per month in the myHome plan wherein if a home uses Airtel broadband with two Airtel postpaid mobiles and one Airtel digital TV connection, then they are entitled to 15 GB free additional data.

In a bid to spruce up the broadband experience, Airtel is augmenting its 550,000 Km of domestic & international fiber/submarine cable capacity that will also drive down latency and serve the growing data services demand in the country.

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