Amazon SMP Blogs Faces An Outage Issue, Users With No Result!

Purchasing stuff online is becoming popular day by day. And with exciting offers, it has been irresistible for customers.Recently Amazon users faced an unpredicted issue while doing purchases. Few users claimed that the site loaded and for a few others when they tried to search for any product, no result would display.

Amazon, the online shopping store has more than 12 million products starting with smart electronics to daily required groceries. When users searched for a product, they were shown with a message saying Showing selected result which had literally nothing on the below list. a website that is usually used to detect whether a website is down and it got 1000 reports on this specific day. All filled reports where from the United States alone, which indicated that Amazon was working quite fine on other countries.

Some users did their best to get it working by even trying to contact Amazon support, while others took social media platforms like Twitter to report the issue directly to Amazon. Users wrote on what all they have done, just to get it running. One user tweeted saying he has tried opening Amazon on different web browsers like Chrome, Safari and Firefox and also both in Wi-Fi as well as in LTE connect and got no result.

Another user twitted at AmazonHelp asking @AmazonHelp any expectations, on when the search function will be back online?.

While the search results displaying nothing, on the other hand, items on the homepage as well as on direct links were accessible without any interruptions.

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