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Amazon India Lays Off 60 Employees, More To Leave

The e-commerce giant Amazon has let go off 60 Indian employees to leave their company in the name of the global restructuring process. In the past Amazon has made hundreds of its employees to leave from their headquarters Seattle and global operation. And had also mentioned that there could be an impact on their Indian business as well, and now it has happened. An ex-employee of the company said that they had let go of 60 employees and even more can be left.

The company has confirmed about the layoff of employee and said that this is part of its global process. The companys spokesperson said “As a global organization, we have recognized the need to organize our teams to keep us agile and help us use our resources optimally. This has impacted a small number of roles within the company and we are providing complete support to the impacted employees, including the option of relevant internal postings and outplacement services.

Spokesperson of the company said that they are providing full support to the relieved employees including options for postings within the company as well as outside placements.

According to the Economic Times, these employees were from the Human Resource department and the company might ask more employees to leave after the assessment period. Apart from this, the company has also announced of having 4000 job opening in the country from which few are from the previous year.

The US President Donald Trump attacked the online retailer over pricing on its deliveries saying Only fools, or worse, are saying that our money-losing Post Office makes money with Amazon which lead to 6% fall of shares for Inc.

Various other e-commerce companies are also layoff their employees and a companys spokesperson said that these are done by considering the individual’s performance and it only impacted 4% of the workforce.

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