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Amazon Launches Its Updates Variants Of Its Echo Family

On last Thursday the E-commerce giant held an event at Seattle, where they launched a bunch of products that will be incorporated with the companys virtual assistant Alexa. During the event, the company also announced about its next generation on Echo.

The newly launched echo products are as follows:

Echo Dot

An update to the already existing Echo Dot is the new design that has been given to the device. It has been redesigned with softer-edge, looks curvier, looks fluffier and is given a fabric finish. Previous the device was released in Black and White colours, which now is replaced with Charcoal, Heather Gray and Sandstone colours.

The device has been improved in comparison to its previous product. Amazon claims it to be 70% louder than ever before. The price tag on the device remains to be the same. Pre-order has been opened on

Echo Show

Previously Echo show had 7 in the display but now is redesigned with the much sleeker look with the enlarged screen of 10 inches. The device is capable of providing strong stereo sound with side-firing 2-inch drivers.

The device is given with a new API, which will allow it to display video of the person who rings the doorbell.

Echo Plus

Amazon claims the new Plus to offer a much stronger bass level and sound quality than ever before. Echo plus also comes with an inbuilt temperature sensor. For instance, you just simply ask Alexa for temperature and turn on/off the fan thats connected to the smart plug, even without getting off your coach.

Echo Plus also comes with colours that were available for Echo dot. That is Heather Grey, Charcoal and Sandstone. Pre-orders are open on

Echo Sub

If you are all happy with the sound you receive from you Echo speaker, but just need a better subwoofer for louder sound. Then you have Echo sub which can be easily paired with your Echo speaker, both old and new for better sound around your home.

It responds to your command Alexa turn up the bass

Echo Input

Similar to the tiny disc-like device, it does not have any build in speaks. Just with a microphone and can be connected to any speaker. This will turn any speaker into Alexa powered smart speaker. It can be connected using Bluetooth.

Echo Link and Echo Link Amp

Are similar to the Sonos Amp, these devices consist of lights with volume knob which lights up on showing exactly how loud you are playing.

The Link Amp includes 2- channel amplifier which can be wired directly to passive and non-passive speakers.

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