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Android-Based BlackBerry Venice Leaked In Live Images

BlackBerry is working on an Android device codenamed Venice and the device has been leaked quite a few times. This will be BlackBerry’s first venture out of their native operating system and the the device code-named Venice will be the debutante. We already have a series of leaked images that have given us a clear idea of how the device might look like.

These new images are live images of the slider phone with a qwerty keyboard. According to rumours, the device seen in the picture is a 5.4 inch screen device which seems to have a curved screen similar to what is found in the Edge series of Samsung Galaxy. In terms of software, the device seems similar to vanilla Android. The only difference being the keyboard shortcuts and a few new features that will make the slide form factor more efficient.

Other reports suggest that despite BlackBerry’s move to go beyond the secure software that was advocated by the company, they are trying to hold up the same level of safety even in the open source software.

According to a report from Android Authority, the back of the device houses an 18-megapixel camera. The device might be powered by Snapdragon 808 clocked at 1.8GHz which will be supported by 3GB RAM. The report suggests that the device might be unveiled in November.


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