Android Boss Says Version 8.0

Android Boss Says Version 8.0 Will Be Oreo

Android version 7.0 Nougat is been run only by less than 2 per cent of Android devices, the next version 8.0 is out.

The Senior Vice President of Android, Chrome and Chromecast Hiroshi Lockheimer at Google today posted a GIF of an Oreo cake on his Twitter account hinting that the next version of Android could be called Oreo.

Last year Hiroshi Lockheimer hinted that the next Android version after Marshmallow could be Nutella. But it ended up being not true which could have been because of trademark issues.

In the last case was Android made use of Kit Kat for its version, there was no money exchange between Android and Nestle. Google said that Kit Kat is a sweet that is recognized on a global range and was a very fitting name for Androids version.

Google always named their Android version on alphabetic order and have named each after a sweets name except for Androids Alpha and beta, whereas the other from C to O has been named after sweets.

When it came to O Google couldnt find a lot of sweets. After all, Oreo is the name of a registered trademark of biscuit maker Nabisco of US.

And lately, Hiroshi Lockheimer posted a picture of Pocky on his twitter account with hashtag 2018 leaving us hinted.

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