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Android Marshmallow Coming To Xiaomi Mi3, Mi4 And Mi Note Soon

Xiaomi’s MIUI operations manager has confirmed that the Mi3, Mi4 and Mi Note phones will soon be getting Android Marshmallow update. Android 6.0 Marshmallow-based MIUI 7 MIUI 5.12.24 update is in its final stages, he said and a beta version of the same will hit the aforementioned phones soon enough.

Sharing a screenshot of the latest update on China’s social media website Weibo , he informed that “the update validation is almost finalised and the version will soon be released.” The MIUI 5.12.24 update based on Android 6.0 is 518MB in size as per the shared screenshot.

That being said, there’s not much known about the Xiaomi specific changes that would be brought in courtesy the new update. The stable build of the MIUI 7 was criticised by users as it stuck with Android 4.4 KitKat, instead of Lollipop.

At that time, Xiaomi had clarified that users shouldn’t be worried about the Android version of MIUI V7.0.5.0KXDMICI (666MB) as its features would be same across all its devices. Still, users were stuck with an earlier version of Android and missing out on many key features of Android Lollipop.

The MIUI developer team is now jumping straight to Android Marshmallow and it would be interesting to see how Xiaomi shapes it up. The MIUI is now synonymous with some heavy skinning on top of Android. Of course, there’s still some time before the final stable build of the update starts seeding. The Beta update will be followed by a Developer preview. Only then Xiaomi will roll out the OTA for users.

Also, it is expected that more Xiaomi devices will be added to the list in the coming days. Right now, users of the Mi3, Mi4 and Mi Note can at least take a sigh of relief.


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