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Android Messages Silently Rejects Dark Mode, Revamped UI

Androids new version of Pie makes use of Material Theme Guideline. This theme made some significant changes to its UI. Changes included removing of the blue-app bar, clear and vibrant colours, use of Google Sans font, Smart Reply feature. Despite users saying it was an all-white look it also had an alternative dark mode.

But recently Google silently rolled back to its old Android messages design even before it could reach all their users. Even users who updated their device to use this design features lost it too. Instead of a Play store update, Google chose a server-side update to revert all these changes.

On a user wrote a post saying he updated his Pixel 2 XL into dark mode, but later the same day when he opened the app a few minutes later, it was all gone and looked just like how it was before the update. His post got 200+ comments, all by android users sharing on how they felt when they realized that the same thing has happened to them.

On an official level, Google has made no announcement or comments on why this has happened. Maybe the company discovered some issues on the new design and reverted them before it could cause discomfort among users.

But users actually found it to be a change that was worth keeping. But Google thought otherwise.

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