Apple Opens New App Accelerator

Apple Opens New App Accelerator In Bengaluru

After Apple decided to make iPhones in India, the company now announces the opening of its new App Accelerator in the IT capital of the country Bengaluru. The App Accelerator is initiated with the aim towards delivering specialised support to the Indian developers, including tools and best practices to hone their skills.

Here’s how the newly setup Apple App Accelerator will function. Every week, the Apple experts will provide briefings and one on one app reviews for the Indian developers. Not only that, Apple experts at the App Accelerator will also deliver the first of its kind facility to the Indian developers and provide them with further support and guidance.

This will be done with the help of Swift, Apple’s powerful and intuitive programming language created to build apps for iOS, Apple TV, and Apple Watch. With Swift, the Indian developers will be able to write safer and much more reliable codes, in turn, save a lot of time and create richer app experiences as well.

The App Accelerator set up in Bengaluru is now open to iOS developers in India through a signup process on the App Accelerator Bengaluru website ( You can straight away sign up here. “In just the first few weeks, we’ve already seen some incredible developers here at the App Accelerator Bengaluru, including Practo and Reliance Games, create innovative apps that can meet the needs of customers in India and around the world,” says Philip Schiller, senior vice president of Worldwide Marketing.

Further, the App Accelerator in Bengaluru will also be featuring Apple Technology Evangelists, who will be dedicated to provide specialised briefings and detailed app analysis feedback to over 500 developers almost every week. “The Accelerator has really helped us make the best use of iOS technologies to rapidly digitise and improve the healthcare experience for millions of consumers in India,” says Shashank ND, Founder & CEO of Practo.

“Apple’s commitment to the developer community through the opening of the App Accelerator is a tremendous investment in the future of India’s digital economy,” notes NASSCOM President R Chandrashekhar. With the App Accelerator Bengaluru, Apple is expected to help to further enrich the iOS app ecosystem.

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