Apple Opens New App Accelerator

Apple Opens New App Accelerator In Bengaluru

Apple sees India be one of its fastest growing markets in the world. Recently the company has made demands to the Indian government to set up a manufacturing unit in the country. For which the government gave a positive response and said that they will provide the company with full support.

Following this, now Apple has opened their App accelerator in Bengaluru for their Indian developers. This will be providing special support and guidance on design tools and quality management to budding developers in the country.

A weekly session will be held for which the developers can register on the website to look into its schedule and book a slot for themselves. This session will be conducted by the companies expert who will give a talk on various topics with the developers.

The Senior Vice President of Worldwide Marketing , Philip Schiller said We are impressed by the great entrepreneurial spirit in India, and are excited to provide a platform for these developers to share their innovations with customers around the world and added In just the first few weeks, we’ve already seen some incredible developers here at the App Accelerator Bengaluru, including Practo and Reliance Games, create innovative apps that can meet the needs of customers in India and around the world.”

Detailed app analysis feedback will be given to developers as they work to enhance their apps. Apple is expecting to address 500 developers and will be providing a specialized briefing for them.

The Minister of Karnataka, Priyank Kharge said that within a month producing on iPhone will start in India. And Cupertino, the Smartphone giant will be starting the manufacturing of iPhone SE.

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