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Apple Plans To Launch iPhone 5SE In March, Old Design With New Hardware

We have heard a lot about Apple’s supposed cheaper iPhone coming this year. But until now all this information has been part of rumours. On Friday night 9to5Mac, which is almost the final word on Apple products before the company officially launches the products, reported that Cupertino based company was working on the iPhone 5SE. The phone would likely launch in March though if there is some delay, the launch may get pushed to early April.

The iPhone 5SE the SE likely stands for special edition will be a mix of Apple’s old technology seen in the iPhone 5 and the new stuff that the company put inside the iPhone 6 and the 6S.

The iPhone 5SE will have the same 4-inch screen size with the same resolution. It will also have the same familiar iPhone 5S design but with one change instead of chamfered edges it will have the curved glass similar to what we see on the iPhone 6.

Internally, however, there are supposedly bigger changes. The iPhone 5SE will use Apple’s A8 processor along with the M8 co-processor. It will likely have 16GB internal storage and 1GB RAM. It will also have the same 8-megapixel rear camera that did duty inside the iPhone 6.

Internally, the device is named N69. It will also come with support for NFC, Live Photos and WiFi AC. Although there will be no 3D touch on this phone.

All of this is ought to be a bitter sweet news for those who were waiting for the “cheaper iPhone”. In a way, the iPhone 5SE, as per the latest report, looks like a fairly capable device. The internal hardware sure seems to be very good. Despite its age, the A8 processor is still among the fastest mobile processors in the market right now.

The same can be said for the 8-megapixel camera inside the iPhone 6. The design of the iPhone 5 too is attractive (although a little boxy) and if Apple is using the same design, that will to many. However, the 4-inch screen could be a deal breaker.

But here is the interesting bit. According to 9to5Mac report, Apple is not targeting mainstream or budget shooters with the iPhone 5SE. Instead it primarily wants to attract those who prefer smaller screens and those who have an older iPhone but haven’t upgraded to new ones because they find the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6S too big.

As far as the “cheap” iPhone part goes, don’t get your hopes too high. While in India, the iPhone 5S is nowadays selling for a price of around Rs 22,000, its official price remains $450.

And the 9to5Mac report says that once iPhone 5SE is in the market, the 5S would be discontinued and its place will be taken by the new phone. So, in India the iPhone 5SE may not cost less than Rs 30,000 at its launch.

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