Apple Watch Series 4 Makes You In Love With!

Apple Watch Series 4 Makes You In Love With!

Apples big event of the year is over. But people dont really seem to be impressed with Apples new product, except for their Series 4 Watch. Instead of iPhones, series 4 watches stole the event.

Let take a look into what all really make the crowd to awe over Apple watch Series 4

Health Features:

The watch is given with a new and improved accelerometer, more sensitive, supports dynamic range and reports much faster. This all means that now the watch can detect accidental falls. If you stumble, the watch displays you the message that makes it easy for you to contact emergency service. And if you are unresponsive for 1 minute, then the watch contact your emergency number automatically along with your exact location and also displays your Medical ID on screen. This feature will be enabled by default if a user is over 65 years old. Youngsters can also enable this feature if they wish.

Another health feature is that the watch can read you heartbeats and warn you about irregular heart rhythms. The new optical heart rate sensor is more battery-efficient so that your watch wont run out of charger while tracking workouts.


The watch always has a record of how much of percentage of workout you have done and also let you call you friend for a challenge to beat. You can be sent an invitation to your friend who also has a series 4 watch on a seven-day contest were both can earn points depending on their percentage of activity rings. The watch also alerts you if you are ahead or left behind of your competitor and shows how much more effort you have to put in to defect them.

No more Hey Siri:

You know, its always Hey Siri to call Siri on your iOS device. But with series 4 watch, you can just raise your wrist and speak without calling out Siris name every time. This is because the Siri watch face gets to know its you, as you use it and can instantly give you suggestions. For example, it can give you weather report before you head out.

Cancel Reservations:

Cancel or change the time of the party that you were to attend right through your watch. You can respond directly with the notifications that appear on the watch from your apps.

All these could be the possible reasons why the event was stolen by watch series 4 instead of iPhones.

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