Apple’s Dual Sim In India Will Always A Dream

For many, its a dream to own Apples iPhone. Even though on each release one of its series there happens to be a subsequent rise in price. Which is an important reason why owning it is still a dream for many. And those who own an iPhone would only appreciate it for its fantastic features irrespective of how much it cost them. But even those who own an iPhone longs to have a dual sim feature.

Dual sim features are usually required for the Business purpose. Bring this feature into an iPhone can be a tough job. These can be a few reasons why iPhone have not implemented the dual sim feature on their mobile phones.

Apples iOS

iPhones run under iOS. The source code of iOS has been designed in such a way that it was never shown to support dual sim capabilities.

Increased Battery Consumption

Its not just about a secondary sim slot, it’s more than that. It also required a second transceiver which means for dual sim dual active technology requires separate transceiver for each SIM. This could lead to an increase in battery consumption and fast drain of battery.

Makes it much more Expensive

Even if Apple miraculously announces dual sim feature on its products. You can be sure it’s going to much more expensive than usual. As implementation of an extra transceiver for the second sim will probably cost a 100$ – 150$.

iPhones Present Design

iPhone already appears to be in a packed up design, letting no room for any new feature to be inserted inside.

Increased Radiation

The SAR (Specific energy absorption rate) is the measure of energy aborted by the human body. The lower the SAR, less risk to health. When it comes to radiation, the iPhone is the worst, they expose much radiation on comparing to its competitors. For instance, iPhone 7 has 3 times SAR on comparing to Galaxy S8.

Reduce in Processing Speed

Ever wondered why iPhones are so much faster than Andriod mobile phones, even if they have high specs. It is because of optimization. All iPhones run pretty much the same. For dual sim will require specific updates and a total new calling software to handle it.

Although we hear rumor saying that iPhone has planned to release their next iPhone series with dual sim, there has been no official confirmation for this. Even if Apple incorporates dual sim feature in their iPhone, just be ready its going to be much more expensive than usual, higher radiation, lower processing speed and will run out of charge often.


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