Banned, Xvideos Tells Indians To Vote Better Next Time

With India’s ridiculous ban on over 800 websites in force, some of the banned sites have started mocking the country. When Xvideos, a website that streams adult videos, came to know about the ban, it responded with a message for Indians.

While retweeting a story on the ban filed by a British newspaper, the site said, “Porn ban in India / XVideos blocked… vote better next time!”

Another website CollegeHumour, which too has found itself in the list of sites banned by India last week, came up with an even more creative way to mock the Indian government. The site, which is not a pornographic site, has posted an article with 12 made up facts about India. It says that even though these are made up facts, it doesn’t care because Indians would not be able to read it.

“12 Facts I Made Up About India Because They Can’t See This Article Right Now,” noted the site’s official Twitter account, which is verified and followed by over eight lakh people.

Last week India’s Department of Telecom asked internet service providers to “disable”, or in other words block, over 800 websites that were allegedly used to share or distribute pornographic material. While many of the websites are indeed pornographic in nature, although most are also legal, there are some that have nothing to with pornography. Examples of such websites are CollegeHumour and 9GAG TV.


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