Tamron To Officially Enter India In 2016 Smp Blogs

Tamron To Officially Enter India In April 2016

Tamron, which produces lenses for interchangeable DSLR cameras made by Nikon, Canon and Sony, will officially launch its India operations from April this year. The company currently sells its lenses, including the venerable 150-600mm that kind of revolutionised wildlife shooting,…

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New Nikon D810A

Nikon India has introduced the D810A, a DSLR designed for astrophotography hobbyists as they often require custom equipment and hours of persistence. The D810A can capture astronomical subjects that emit the H-alpha wavelengths of light such as nebulae and other…

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Exclusive For JVC Customer's

Exclusive For JVC Customer’s

VC’s Everio is a compact little number packing some impressive features. 40x optical zoom, 60x dynamic zoom, 4.5 hours of battery and strong low light performance make this a worthwhile capture companion that’ll easily slip into a pocket. It’s also…

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