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Coming Up From UMANG App, AI Based Voice Bots For The Users

The National e-Governance Divison (NeGD) has planned of launching the app that works powered by artificial intelligence which will be similar to Apples Siri and Amazons Alexa. The government has put forth this plan with an intention to help the illiterate with government services such as utility bill payment, provident fund balance and income tax filing. These voice-based bots will function with different language depending on the region of its service.

A brainstorming session has been planned to be helped by NeGD with technology vendors on October 4 for exploring more solutions. The Unified Mobile App for New-Age Governance (UMANG) currently provides more than 300 services on 66 departments in 17 stages. The app has got 73 lakh download on Android and 4.31 lakh download on iOS as of September 8.

Currently, the (UMANG) app targets smartphone users assuming these users are able to read and therefore, are able to avail the services offered through the app. However, recent developments have shown that in addition to icons and text-based interactions with users, advanced apps are providing voice-based interactions. This is large to enhance the user experience, and therefore the usage reach of the app to a much larger base, says the brief for the October 4 workshop.

The main target of the app is to provide help beyond big urban areas by providing multiple language bases search service. For now, the languages that are to be supported are not sure. After the brief workshop held on October 2, the expected languages to be supported are Hindi, Marathi and Bengali.

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