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Digital India Fails For TNEB Online Payments

Our Honorable PM Mr.Narendra Modi has implemented the next generation payments system for the people of India, but Tamilnadu Government fails to adopt this for their Electricity Bill payments.

Normally for every transactions which-ever made using digital transactions such as for irctc, redbus etc, and all other digital payments that are reflecting to their beneficiary account within next few minutes.

But for the TNEB Onlione Portal, say for if we made a payment by today via TNEB Online Portal, the amount will be reflected to the TNEB within next couple of days.

So here is the main issue we are facing like if a customer has an due-date for today, then if he pays his bill using TNEB Online Portal by today or by yesterday, then his connection gets disconnected by the next day, because his amount is still not reflected to TNEB.

So in this scenario enormous no of customers will facing such kind of issues as if they paid on or before the due-date.So here Our PM’s Digital Transaction is really fails to achieve the goal in its needs.

As a common man I’ve faced this issue in this TNEB Online Portal, Prime Minister’s Digital Payments fails in this scenario.

Cash Payments only had a priority update with the customer in case of TamilNadu Electricity Board. I request everyone to pay your TNEB bills in Online Portal before 3~4 days of your due-date.

Thank you .

Prasanth Kumar S


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