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Facebook Announces Their Redesign Navigation Features

Facebook worldwide popular social media network having monthly two billion active users. Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook created this platform in 2004 from then, until today its popular on a globe. Facebook was introduced to the world as a website at its very beginning. But in time it gained an enormous attention which made its CEO to create Facebook applications for various other devices.

Facebook usually updates it features depending on suggestions given by it’s us, users. These suggestions are taken from users by conducting a virtual polling/online polling method on each users Newsfeed section. These votes given by users are taken into consideration and further updates are made based on it.

Alex Andrzejewski, Product Manager of Facebook announced to CNET that they are going to implement changes in the navigation bar on the mobile phone application. On implementation of these changes from the navigation bar will appear on the bottom of the screen for iPhone users and at the very top for Andriod users.

Precise changes:

This change is mainly done for the purpose of finding the app more user-friendly. Usually, the navigation bar on Facebook consists of five icons namely Newsfeed, Notification, Menu, Watch and Marketplace. There five icons appear the same worldwide, but after this redesign on the navigation bar on the app will allow the user to have a shortcut of the most used feature. That is, after the redesign Newsfeed, Notification and Menu icon will be common for all and the remaining slots will be filled with other features that you use more often on Facebook.

Even though this appears to be tiny proof of facebook keeping track of us and our actions, we should be happy until they are not used against us. Testing of this feature of the app has started back in February and this redesign on the app is to be applied globally to all its two billion users.

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