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Facebook Profile Videos May Soon Come To Android

Around three months ago, Facebook announced the profile videos feature. But it was only available for iOS aka the iPhone users. Now it seems that the social media site is planning to bring it to Android users.

The feature is not yet available for those who use Android phones but the prompt for it has started showing up, hinting that the Android rollout is soon coming.

Earlier in October, Facebook had rolled out the profile video feature to a few iOS users for testing purpose. Now the latest update on Android app for Facebook shows ‘Coming soon: Profile videos’, when you click on your profile picture, among other usual options to update the picture.

The profile video update will let the users upload a seven second video instead of a static profile picture. The small, looping video will be similar to a GIF picture.

The profile video will automatically play when anyone visits your Facebook page.

At that time, the social media giant had also announced a feature called temporary profile picture. When used, the profile image can be temporarily changed say for example for a few days. Once the duration is up, the old profile image takes its usual place on the profile page. It is expected that Facebook may add this feature along with the profile videos in its next update.

Meanwhile, the company today started rolling out support for Apple’s Live Photos. Live Photo is a new feature that Apple announced at its iPhone 6S phone launch in October.


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