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Facebook Warns Users Against Fake Privacy Message

Facebook is warning people not to fall prey to the hoax messages making rounds on the website which ask users to post a legal notice to retain copyright of their pictures and sign up for a paid monthly subscription.

FB users were inundated with messages on their news feeds that warn if they don’t act fast, the company will be allowed to infringe on their privacy . These hoaxes play on concerns that consumers have about how their personal information are getting used by net giants such as FB, Google and Netflix, among others, who have in the past been accused of violating users’ privacy .

One of the hoaxes, which resurfaces every couple of years, warns users to post a legal ly binding statement to their feeds that prohibits FB from using their photos, content or information without users’ permission, the report said. The hoax promises to exempt those who repost the legal-sounding statement from FB’s data use policy , a document that governs how Facebook may use its members’ data that they agree to when they sign up to use the service. However, once approved, the contract cannot be altered by users. It goes on to state that violation of privacy can be punished under Uniform Commercial Code of US.

Another hoax says users can protect their privacy by purchasing a $5.99 month subscription to ensure that their posts stay private. FB’s efforts still haven’t stopped users from fearing the worst.


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