Fake Results From Sucuri – The Online Malware Scan Website

Fake results that affects users to buy their tool. Sucuri a famous website scanner for malware and attakcs, users can scan their websites by giving their domain name to start scan.–

Few days ago, my website in SUCURI shows that it gets defaced and compromised by the attackers,so I got shocked and verified my file permissions in the access files, and database for any injection happend.

But it results that I didn’t point any malware deductions or scriptings in my file systems. So I think how can its only for SUCURI showing my website is defaced and gets compromised? .

My search in google gives a clear idea for this. I start my scanning on Various other online fabulous malware scanners for websites. I gave my domain to scan with multiple scanners ,at the end of the results of all the scanners EXCEPT SUCURI it shows my website is clean and safe.

So it was made by the SUCURI team to make a fabulous website as defaced and compromised to buy their tool and forcing user to make so shocked.

So when I had a chat with the SUCURI executives regarding this issue that “How can be my website is defaced only for you and not othersThey ask me to leave a mail to . I just make the mail and replied to the mentioned technical team On Sep 30,2015 .

Still now there is no responses from the technical team, again I approach the chat support with SUCURI . I mention that theres no reply from your technical team for my email regarding the compliant.

They Simply said “They have fixed the issue as the results are not showing the false positive”.

So from the above reply I justified that the SUCURI making any famous websites as Defaced Or Attacked By Hackers in their search results to buy their tool to earn money.

So its my kind advice to my users, please dont get feared if your websites scanning results on SUCURI shows as Defaced Or Compromised. Please go forward with more online scanners and justify yourself.

Thank you for reading !!!!

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