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Fake Verification Messages Locking WhatsApp Users Accounts

WhatsApp deploys end-to-end encryption on its platform to safeguard its utilizer conversations from prying ocular perceivers, even those of its own. This form of security system makes the contents of chat inaccessible to anyone other than the sender and the receiever of the message. But that hasn’t ceased scammers from findings ways to bypass WhatsApp’s security and get access to utilizer accounts.

And now, in an incipient form cyber attack fake verification messages by tricksters are locking the WhatsApp users out of their accounts. The Facebook-owned convivial messaging app typically utilizes a six-digit code, on both its Android and iOS apps, to verify if a particular utilizer is endeavoring to install and set-up the app on his/her smartphone. Once the verification is done, the accommodation with all its funky features is available for the utilizer to utilizer.

Now, scammers are sending an unauthentically spurious verification message and a code to the WhatsApp users so that they can verify their accounts. Once the WhatsApp users click on the link sent to them, they culminate up substantiating to WhatsApp that it is indeed the authentic users. But there is a catch. Since users are already utilizing apps on their smartphones they don’t require to verify their authenticity to WhatsApp again. And so when they click on the link, they verify their accounts to WhatsApp on behalf of the scammers.

This sanctions the scammers to take control of the users’ WhatsApp accounts and all their messages and shared files and media. In a verbal expression to the Gulf News, the UAE Telecommunications Regulatory Ascendancy (TRA), which withal issued an advisory on Twitter regarding the perpetual Whatspp scam, verbalized that WhatsApp users should evade sharing the verification code sent to them by SMS.

“Mobile users should not apportion the verification code that is sent to them by SMS, otherwise, their account will be compromised. Many WhatsApp accounts were hacked this way, and subscribers lost all their details,” the governmental body verbally expressed in its verbalization.

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