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Finally, There Is Discount On Google Nexus 6P

Google’s Nexus 5X has come down in its price significantly in the last few weeks. The phone, which was launched at a price of Rs 32,990 is now selling for around Rs 24,000. But its older sibling, the Huawei made Nexus 6P, hasn’t budged. This phone continues to have a selling price of Rs 39,999. That is until now. On Monday, Flipkart, which is the exclusive e-retail partner for the phone, announced on its website that Nexus 6P is now available with a discount.

If you buy the phone through the Flipkart app, the Nexus 6P is available with a discount of Rs 2,000. The phone’s new price is Rs 37,999 in the app for the 32GB version. The similar Rs 2,000 discount is available for the 64GB version.

Huawei has also launched a gold version aka special version of the phone in India. That has been priced at Rs 43,999 and for now there is no discount on that.

Along with the flat discount, Flipkart is also offering Rs 3,000 store credit to the Nexus 6P buyers. This credit would be given to buyers in February.

As we said in our review, the Nexus 6P is a fantastic Android phone. And although after the recent price cut on the Nexus 5X, it longer offers the same value for money the Nexus 5X at Rs 24,000 is an awesome deal there is no doubt that Nexus 6P is the better Nexus this year.

The Nexus 6P has a 5.7-inch screen, a cracker of a 13-megapixel camera, 32GB internal storage, and stereo speakers. Unlike the Nexus 5X, it has a shell made aluminium. It is powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 processor and has 3GB RAM. It is also among the handful of phones that currently use Android Marshmallow.


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