Firefox or Chrome? Here Are 5 Reasons To Use Firefox

The Google Chrome browser was the brainchild of Google’s new CEO Sundar Pichai. It is believed that Sundar Pichai himself pitched the Chrome browser to then Google CEO Eric Schmidt, who approved the project. According to StatsCounter, as of 2015, Chrome is the dominant web browser on computers, commanding a cool 47 per cent of the market.

Despite this, many would agree that it is not the best web browser in the world. One of the main appeal of Chrome is its ability to sync data across your desktop, notebook, tablet and mobile phone. If that’s not something that particularly excites you, then, well there certainly are better options. And Mozilla’s Firefox browser is at the top of that list. Here are five reasons why you should use Firefox instead of Chrome.

1. Chrome, over the years, has become a resource hog. It may be the fastest browser in terms of page rendering, but that’s also an advantage it holds by a smidgen. The reality is Chrome consumes a lot of RAM. Calling it a resource hog would be putting it mildly.

Even Google admits this and says that it is working on ways of improving it. A side effect of this is that it massively dents the battery life of your notebook. On a Mac, the new 15-inch MacBook Pro Retina Display, if you’d use Safari you’ll get around 9-10 hours of usage on an average.

That number will minutely diminish with Firefox to 8-9 hours as it is not integrated at a system level, but on Chrome that number plummets to 3-4 hours. That’s abysmal. The situation isn’t vastly better on Windows.

2. Firefox was the browser that literally started the concept of extensions. Chrome obviously has a lot of extensions, but Firefox has some extensions that are exclusive to it. For instance, NoScript is a very cool extension for Firefox that you will not get on Chrome. It is a Java script, Java and executable file blocker and an essential tool for the sake of security.

On Firefox you can even get extensions that will allow you to download your favourite YouTube videos. On Chrome you have these extensions available but in most cases you will have to fiddle with security settings to install them because Google, which owns YouTube, doesn’t like them. Lastly, you also get a very capable download manager in ‘DownThemAll’ which you don’t get on Chrome.

3. If you’re a stickler for privacy, then Chrome may not be the best option. Lord Google has its eyes on you and chances are it is tracking your activities so that it can present you better targeted ads. The Chrome browser is always nudging you to associate the program with a Google ID. Yes, it is required for syncing your data but it is also a privacy nightmare. Firefox is not so sinister and you can add a ton of extensions that will make it even more secure.

4. Firefox is easier to use than Chrome. If you’re a power user who likes to open multiple tabs — in excess of 50, then Chrome’s interface can be difficult to navigate. Elements keep becoming smaller and by the end, you will struggle which tab has what. Also, as Firefox has a side scroll UI, you can easily scroll down using a mouse. You can’t do that on Chrome. Firefox also has a separate search box, which allows you to search from different providers including Bing and DuckDuck Go.

5. Firefox like Safari on the Mac and the Microsoft Edge browser has a built in reader mode, which removes all the ads and website UI chrome to present you a beautiful print style article. If you like reading a lot Firefox is certainly better than Chrome because of this as even after so many years Google hasn’t added the reader mode in it.


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