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Google Admits To Tracking Users Even When They Turn Off!

We all love technology because of the ways it has made our lives easy. But when it comes to getting tracked, it becomes a lot creepy. It’s just like being stalked but only with our full knowledge.

Google, the tech giant has openly confirmed to track its user’s location even after turning off location history setting. This can be seen in Google Account help page, where previously turning off location history will no longer track the location of its user, but now it says that turning this off will not affect other location services on your device, such as Google Location Services and Find My Device.

Earlier this week Associated Press on an investigation found out that the turn off location history by Google showed the null effect on location tracking of its users on both Android and iOS devices.

Google admitted this the very next day after AP released investigation result. Google spokesperson said to CNET “We have been updating the explanatory language about Location History to make it more consistent and clear across our platforms and help centres, Are there any tricks to turn this off?

Not all problems come with a solution but this one has and for sure it’s not the turn off location history setting. This tracking can be paused, by going into Google Settings and pausing Web and App activity. But according to information on Googles Activity Control page, even when this setting is passed Google can temporarily use the information to improve the quality of active search sessions.

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