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Google Contact v3.0 For New Material Design

Googles contact is a free contact management app that is available on every Android device. The recently launched newest Android version Pie makes use of Material Design 2 (also known as Material Theme Guideline). Material Designed was launched 4 years ago that is in 2014. This Material designed which was launched earlier had the changes on surfaces and shadow in the app, margins, better alignments, color, grid and delightful details such as floating action button.

An earlier version of Google contact 2.8 had a blue app bar that featured a hamburger button and navigation drawer. The main list was organized in such a way that it showed starred contacts first and navigation drawer was added with a new Frequent contact section instead of Suggestions on mobile. And bright colors to display contact images. This is how the earlier version of Google contact looked.

But with the new Android version Pie, Google contact 3.0 is given an all-new look which is totally different from the earlier version. To be specific about the changes,

1. The blue-app bar is gone to provide better all-white UI.

2.Clear, vibrant colors and rounded corners across.

3.Contact is aligned to center but previously it was all left aligned.

4. Google Sans font is widely used in the app.

5.Actual call screen has also been changed to a solid white for both incoming and outgoing calls.

6. Call screen is also given in Google Sans font for contact name and number.

Meanwhile, changes have only been implemented for the UI Design whereas features in the contact remain to be the same without any modifications. Although many find these changes in design to be interesting on the other hand, few think its just so much like Apple’s iOS.

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