Google Search Engine In China To Get Users Cellphone Numbers SMP Blogs

Google Search Engine In China To Get Users Cellphone Numbers

Google, now Alphabet which pulled down its plugs in business which China years ago due to the censored search engine, has not again stepped back into the country with all new designed censored search engine for China under the code name Dragonfly.

The censored search engine under the codename Dragonfly was revealed by the company last month. This search engine by Google has a secret prototype which links phone numbers of its user to what terms they have searched for. According to The Intercept, this will simply put Chinese citizens lives at risk if the government feels like an individual is looking into search topics that are under discomfort for the government.

The Intercept also noted out that new platforms such as BBC and Wikipedia will also be blocked and this will extend to beyond text such as images too. The Human Rights Watch refers to this as broad and sustained offensive on human rights. In 2017 the cybersecurity placed additional restrictions on internet freedom, such as bans on distribution of news on social media without a permit.

VPNs used by the individual to view all blocked website by the government was also removed. Apple removed about 600 apps from its App store which mainly consisted of VPNs. The US think tank Freedom House rates Chinas freedom as 14 out of 100 to be not free.

Cyber Sovereignty is being upheld by the government under Xi Jinping which apply restrictions over how the population used the internet within its borders. This policy is oppression to free use of internet which is mostly supported by democratic nations.

The company, Google is facing several pressures internally from its employees who are demanding more information about the company return to China. There are also several employees who quit their job as a reaction to this project. About 1,400 employees have signed the internal letter demanding for information.

Googles spokesperson on a statement said that any report regarding Chinas new search engine will be premature. The company has got the open letter for 14 human rights group on demanding details over the project Dragonfly.

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