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Google’s Android N Preview Breaking Nexus Phones With Scratch Guard

If you’re thinking about updating your Nexus smartphone to the latest build of Android N which is now in its second preview, then you should think twice about it.

The update has made the proximity sensor of the phones overly aggressive, which has resulted in a situation where phones with a scratch guard start malfunctioning while making calls.

While testing the new Android N preview on a Nexus 5X we have experienced issues. Basically, the phone’s screen shuts down and you’re unable to reactivate the screen until the phone call has been cancelled by the receiver.

Now, this isn’t a case of the proximity sensor not working, instead it has made it very aggressive. We say this because the moment you remove the scratch guard, the phone starts working normally and the issue gets resolved.

Even if you manage to make a small cut out in the scratch guard before installing it around the area which covers the sensor you can make it work. However, this isn’t a reasonable solution.

This year, Google surprisingly released an early alpha build of Android N even before its Google I/O conference which is happening in May. It is also allowing normal Nexus smartphone users to install the update through an over the air (OTA) update.

Google is expected to release a more stable update for Android N at Google I/O where it could also possibly announce its name.

Android N natively adds split screen multitasking and also revamps the notification shade. The new update for Android N also features a redesigned folders icon.


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