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Googles Play Points By Playstore

Ever wondered, why am I spending so much on Google Play Store? Now Google gives you a stunning reason for doing that.Geeks at 9 to 5 Google found string codes on Googles latest versions such as 11.5 and 11.6 of Play Store and these codes were referred to a new Google Play Points Program.

The program gives out points to every android user who pays for something in Googles Play Store. For instance, if you do a purchase of 200 Yen, then the program will reward you with 2 Google play points (1 point per 100 Yen). And these earned points can be used for the purchase of special in-app items or Google Play Credit.

Even though the strings couldnt show us so much they made a few things clear such as it could have Different Level Benefit and according to the new image on latest versions of play store, it could be of 5 levels namely Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond.

If you are an android user who already finds Google Play Store to be tempting you on spending money then with this program it will be much more tempting than ever before for you.

Until now no official announcements have been made by the company regarding the program or when its going to be out, but when it does, we will surely update all about it.

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