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Googles Titan Security Keys Are Now Available In Their Native Stores

Google, in July, announced that the company is using a small hardware security key which completely cuts off phishing attacks on its 85,000 employees. The company’s security device namely the Titan Security Key is similar to the size of a USB drive that handles online logins which have been proven to be more secure and effective in comparison to other two-factor authentication methods.

Now Google has launched its physical security key, Titan Security Key in markets. The device consists of two types of key one that’s for USB port and another with Bluetooth that can be connected to phones along with USB-C to USB-A adapter and USB-C to USB-A connecting cable.

Once you login into Google account using your password the portal will then ask for your Titan Security Key, which is just like any other physical key to enter you in. Password alone will not be sufficient anymore. In case of missing the key, try gaining access from a device that has already been logged in to your account or else waits for from three to five days for Googles help on resetting your password.

Google’s security key, Titan will help users protect their Google Account along with other services like Facebook, Twitter, Dropbox, and GitHub. Your accounts will be inaccessible without the key, protecting them from getting phished.

According to Google, Titan Security Key is build to the standard of FIDO. Making the key to be the strongest and most phishing-resistant of 2-step authentication (2FA) on today’s market.

Titan Security Key Bungle price has been announced as $50 and will be available widely on US Google Stores.

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