Google Updated Chromecast With Bluetooth Also Has Better 5 GHz Wi-Fi

Googles Updated Chromecast With Bluetooth Also Has Better 5 GHz Wi-Fi

Chromecast might not be one of the strongest products of Google. In comparison to its competitors like Amazon Fire TV and Roku 3, Chromecast lacks back in features. But now the company has announced of making changes in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

Intro to Chromecast:

Chromecast is a video streaming device that can be used to access video content from Netflix, G���, Hulu plus and Youtube on TV with a USB cable which is connected to HDMI port and can be remotely controlled by Smartphone or computer.

History of Chromecast:

The First generation of Googles Chromecast was introduced in July 2013. And later the second generation was released in September 2015 and another model called Chromecast Ultra supporting the 4K resolution and high dynamic range was released the very next year on 2016.

Third generation Chromecast:

Google always seeks ways to improve their products, as a result of they announced making an updated version of its Chromecast.

Although Google Chromecasts present version (second generation) does have a Bluetooth chip, which can be used only during the initial setup process. But according to a list revealed on May, Google was working on to improving Bluetooth on Chromecast that needs Class II unrestricted change for FCC ID A4RNC2-6A5B. Along with this, Wi-Fi antenna changes are also made to deliver better connection with 5 GHz network. These changes on third-generation Chromecast with better connections will enable improved pairing connection with third-party devices.

Launch date:

Third generation Chromecast might be launched along with the release of Pixel 3. This event is expected to be held in early October of this year.

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