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HDFC bank Mobile Banking App Removed From Play Store, Apple App Store

Nearly a week after the HDFC Bank customers, who updated to its new mobile banking app, were locked out of their accounts, the bank has taken the app down from both Googles Play Store and Apples App Store.

While the HDFC Bank so far has not issued any statement about the app no longer being available for download on the two app stores, however, if you search for the app, neither the new nor the old app is available on any of the two app stores.

Notably, while HDFC Banks new mobile banking app is no longer available for download, customers who are still using the old version of the app will be able to do so with ease. …Those customers still using the earlier version can continue to do so, whereas those who have moved to the new version and deleted the old one will not be able to use MobileBanking till further notice, the bank had said in a statement on Twitter last week.

In the meantime, the HDFC Bank has requested all its users who had switched to its new mobile banking app to use Net Banking, Pay Zapp, Phone Banking and Missed-Call Banking to access the regular banking services till the time the issue isnt fixed.

HDFC Bank, last week, launched an upgraded version of its mobile banking app to provide ease of access to its mobile banking users. The app not only provided a simplified user interface consisting of three categoriesPay, Save and Invest– to its users, but it also brought in some advanced features such as biometric log-in with fingerprint and facial recognition among others. However, a day after its launch, the issues in app prevented users, upgrading their old apps to the new one, from logging into their HDFC Bank accounts.

Soon after the users reported the issue, the bank issued an apology to all its affected users. Our sincerest apologies once again, the bank wrote on Twitter adding that it was working to resolve the issue on priority.

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