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How To Install Windows On Mac Machine Officially

Apple products usually run on a different operating system called the iOS. This operating system has its own applications in the market. Even though Apple provides fascinating features with their iOS, there are users who wish to run Windows on their Mac.

And we got a solution for such peoples wishes.

Preparing your Mac:

1. Check system requirement:

A few Windows version requires specific processor and more hard drive space. Also check your Mac, if its compatible with the Windows version that you wish to install.

2. Clean up the hard drive:

Windows require at least 55GB of free disk space to get installed on Mac. If you really dont feel like doing it manually, just go for some software that helps you do it automatically.

3. Back up important Datas:

We recommend you to back up important datas. Its always good to have a back up of your datas no matter what.

Step by step process to Installing Windows with Boot Camp:

Step 1: Get a Windows ISO file from the Microsoft website

1. Open Microsoft Windows 10 ISO download page.
2. Go to Select edition menu and opt for Windows 10.
3. Click Confirm.
4. Select the language of Installation and click Confirm.
5. Click 64-bit download, click Save.
The iOS file is now downloaded.

Step 2: Now Open Boot Camp Assistant

Boot Camp Assistant will provide you instructions on the screen to install Windows in your Mac.
1. Launch Boot Camp Assistant by going to Application -> Utility folders.
2. Click on continue.
3. Now Boot Camp for Mac will locate the ISO file automatically.

Step 3: Creating Partition for Windows

Once done with Boot Camp Assistant, Mac will restart to Windows installer.

1. Click Install
2. Click on agree to terms and click install
3. Click Finish when complete
4.When asked where to install Windows choose BOOTCAMP partition and click Format. (ONLY IN CASE OF USING FLASH DRIVE OR OPTICAL DRIVE).

Step 4: Installing Windows

Follow the 12 on-screen instructions to get this done right:

1. Select your ISO file and click the Install.
2. Type your Password and click OK. You will see the Windows Setup screen.
3. Select language.
4. Click Install.
5. Type your product key if any or else click “I dont have a product key”.
6. Select Windows 10 Pro or Windows Home and then click Next.
7. Click Drive 0 Partition X: BOOTCAMP.
8. Click Next. Windows 10 will be installed.
9. When Setup screen appears, click either Use Express Settings or Customize Your Installation. We recommend choosing the Customize button and disabling most, if not all of the switches.
10. Then you will be asked to create an account. Provide your username and addition of password is optional. Click Next.
11. Choose if you want Cortana personal assistant or not. Can be disabled by clicking on Not Now button.
On Welcome to Boot Camp Installer box, click Next and accept terms. Click install to proceed. When the installer completes, click Finish to reboot.

Step 5: Restart Mac

1. On the restart, Mac will by default boot to MacOS.
2. To switch to windows turn of your Mac and turn it on holding Option (Alt) key.
3. Will ask which drive you would like to boot.

Might seem like a lot of steps, but wont be so hard while working on it. Now enjoy using Windows OS on your Mac.

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