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HTC To Make Nexus Phones For 3 Years In A Row

Taiwanese company HTC has reportedly signed a deal with Alphabet , the company that owns Google, to build its Nexus devices for as long as three years in a row. Rumour has it that HTC is already working on two new Nexus phones this year. If true, HTC could end up making as many as 3-6 Nexus phones from 2016-18.

Of course, there’s a possibility that it may not build all of them since Google is known to associate with more than one OEM for its Nexus devices. Its current generation Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P have been built by LG and Huawei respectively. That said, the new report suggests that at least one of the two (or more) Nexus devices will be made by HTC, for at least three years in a row.

To recall, HTC made the first ever Nexus phone back in 2010. It also made the Nexus 9 tablet in 2014.

Should HTC make Nexus phones for 3 years in a row, the company would gain some much needed momentum in the market. HTC is also working on its next generation flagship ’10’ smartphone expected to be unveiled sometime in April this year.

Google’s next Nexus phones will come with Android N, which is expected to be announced at the upcoming Google I/O developer’s conference.

Not much is known about the next Nexus for now, except that Google may launch it in September, which is its usual release cycle. It is reported to incorporate some kind of pressure sensitive technology, much like Apple’s 3D Touch.

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