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Introducing Brave Browser Can Prevent You From Ads

Ever got fed up with the tons of advertisements that keep popping up or keeps displaying on your web browser in spite of having an extension as AdBlocker on your browser. Ok, chill down. We introduce you the Brave Browser, secure browsers which will cut down all annoying advertisement even before they get a chance to reach your device.

Brave Browser on their official website has mentioned that they are on a mission to fix the web, by which they for sure mean the annoying advertisements. The browser claims to be eight times faster than any other browser, such as Chrome and Safari.

Another thing about these ads is that they just suck dry our data packs and for what, all the unwanted advertisement. But with Brave Browser it will be different. It will simply block ads and trackers so that you get your data pack for what you actually need.

Braver Browser is available for almost every popular OS. It can be downloaded on both Androids Play store as well as on Apples App Store.

This browser blocks advertisements by default, unlike the extensions that we use on other web browsers which makes us select an ad on the page and then request the extension to block it. An additional plus point is that the web browser blocks phishing, malware, malvertising and also extensions that have a history of security risk. And all these are done by default.

Yes, we all do have a constant fear of our datas being sold to third parties and being read by the browser itself. When using Braver Browser you need not worry about anything as such, as the browsers Brave Sync, keep all your bookmarks and preferred settings in an encrypted way such that the browser itself will need a decryption key to access it and the browser assure you that they do not have that key.

As the browser does not store or see your personal data it stays private until you delete them on your device.
So, if you feel paranoid about your privacy with your current browser, simply switch to Brave Browser and see the change for yourself.

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