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iOS 13 Will Have PC-Like Features To iPads

The month of May will reveal some incipient features of the upcoming version of Android at Google’s I/O event. However, Apple will withal unveil its next update for iOS at the WWDC in June and, unlike Google, Apple prefers to keep its stuff secret until the official unveiling transpires. So far, we have been expecting some fundamental features such as a Dark mode and marginal UI redesign for the iPhones.

For iPads, it was kenned that a PC like the multi-window feature will come. And now, it seems that another feature could push the iPad more proximate to a computer.

According to a post from Steve Toughton-Smith, the upcoming iOS 13 update could bring a host of amendments to the iPad. The major one will be support for a mouse with a USB connection.

Users will able to plug in a USB mouse and get a desktop-like experience on their iPads. This could be a mighty assuagement for those who depend on iPads a lot for their work. However, the mouse support could be only available as an Accessibility feature.

Along with the mouse support, iOS 13 will withal bring support for app windows. The feature is expected to be kindred to Samsung’s app windows on its Galaxy Tab contrivances. As of now, iOS 12 withal sanctions multitasking but in a restricted way users can only open up to three applications simultaneously. With the windowing support, iPad Pro users could surely benefit the most, especially with an Apple Pencil.

Apart from the iPad, Steve withal had a few other features to apportion. macOS will additionally get an update and it will be able to run iOS apps.

This designates that Mac users will have access to world-class apps from iOS and be able to enhance their productivity on a Mac or MacBook. Another promulgation will be cognate to iTunes where Apple could possibly discontinue it in favour of Apple Music.

With the iPad getting support for external mouse and app windows, Apple will be pushing the iPad more proximate to a computer. For a few years, Apple has been framing the iPad as a laptop supersession but has restricted it highly with iOS’ circumscribed accessibility.

With support for plugging in an external mouse and multiple app windows, iPads could conclusively stand a chance to supersede an opportune laptop.

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