Is Facebook Secretly Listening Your Conversations? New Report Says Yes

When it comes to Facebook, there exists a conspiracy theory. Saying that Facebook is listening to all our conversations such as text, audio messages and even through mobiles microphone. And they promote advertisement on their platform related to these conversations that we make. As facebook becoming a break-through, this conspiracy theory has also been stuck with it through time.

Its been 14 years and almost every user of Facebook happens to believe in this conspiracy theory. Users were pushed into such a conclusion when they began seeing strangely accurate advertisements of what they were speaking earlier. For instance, if they were speaking about a holiday spot, they started seeing advertisements relevant to that. Although the company kept declining of such theory. But Facebook never stood up and gave a report on this topic. On another hand facebook often kept apologizing to its users for other issues that kept breaking their trust in the company.

On April of this year, Mark Zuckerberg (CEO of Facebook) was called for congressional inquisition with a public apology for privacy scandal. For this session, Zuckerberg had prepared an intense private note as a response to questions that can be asked by Senate. He also mentioned on his notes “lots of stories about apps misusing Apple data, never seen Apple notify people” and under a different heading, he wrote “No credit card information or [Social Security numbers] shared” so apparently which can be taken as paying users are in no harm.

These were the release made by news reports. Apart from all these news reports when the Senate questioned Zuckerberg regarding listening to conversations and microphone for the purpose of advertisement. He himself called it to be a conspiracy theory that has been passing around and gave a talk on it saying he does not do any such activity.

Though Zuckerberg broke his silence and called it a conspiracy theory, his private note can reveal a much more detailed answer for us.

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