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Japanese Working On Space Elevators

Yes, you read it right Space Elevators. There are few who wont ever consider travelling on a space rocket even if they are paid in millions and there could be only one possible reason for it. Exploding rockets, imagine you are only minutes away from earth and all of sudden you space shuttle explodes. And taking that into consideration the researchers of Japans Shizuoka University are working on an affordable space elevator which probably wont explode.

Practical Challenges:

The space elevators will be held on a cable bind to Earth, which would be somewhere near the equator where hurricanes and tornadoes would be infrequent. According to NASA/Marshalls Advanced Projected Office, David Smitherman explained that requires the centre of mass is in geostationary orbit about 22,236 miles above Earths equator. The cable itself should be bind to a stationary mass beyond geostationary orbit to keep it steady.

Even the strongest material on the face of the earth, carbon nanotubes would literally shatter into pieces under such stress. Leaving researchers with no current material that has proven to be strong enough to survive the stress by the pull of gravity and the wind of the upper atmosphere on the elevators cable.

Another problem would be to developing an electromagnetic vehicle which would travel on the cable back and forth at Zero Gs.

Possible Solution by Researchers:

Japanese researchers have come up with a solution for this. They will reportedly launch two tiny 4-inch cubic satellites by next week. These satellites will be bound to the International Space Station. It will be steel cable of 33 foot in size and will have smaller motorized cubes which will move back and forth on the cable between the satellites. This will help researchers get an idea of how the system would work in orbit.

The universitys spokesman said to the news agency that Its going to be the worlds first experiment to test elevator movement in space.

According to Japans National Daily, the construction giant Obayashi Corporation has already put forth a space elevator proposal. With a concept of six oval-shaped elevator cars that would move between sea and space station orbiting Earth. A trip could possibly take eight days and the expected price for the concept has been estimated to be around 10 trillion yen ($90 billion).

The Lead of the team, Yoji Ishikawa said to Japans National Daily that In theory, a space elevator is highly plausible, he says. Space travel may become something popular in the future.

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