Jio Introduces Jio News With AI Based Language Support SMP Blogs

Jio Introduces Jio News With AI Based Language Support

Reliance Jio leaves no stone unturned to mark its presence. Jio has ruled the telecom market for a while now. The company has also become the top feature phone selling company in India and the credit goes to its JioPhone and JioPhone 2. Some rumours suggest that JioPhone 3 is coming soon.

Looks like Reliance Jio now wants to enter other spheres of the market. On Thursday Reliance Jio introduced Jio News, an online news application that is mainly focused at offering real-time news updates on various topics including the on-going Lok Sabha elections, Indian Premier League (IPL), and others.

The Jio news app is available for Android and iOS users and also for web users. Jio news stands out when compared to other news apps as it supports over 12 Indian languages like Bengali, English, Gujarati, Hindi, Marathi, Punjabi, Tamil, Urdu, among others.

With this, Jio mainly wasn’t to connect to more and more audiences and reach each and every corner of the country. The Jio News comes with over 150 live news channels, over 800 magazines, over 250 newspapers, among other things like online blogs from India and also from around the world. The news app is also said to bring over 150 live TV news channels and alert readers about the trending videos across genres.

The company explains that Jio News uses artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to bring the “most relevant” news to users. The company says that the Jio News scans thousands of news sources before bringing the news to the readers or viewers. Jio News also allows the readers to personalise the app as per their interest and requirements. The new app comes with various categories like politics, sports, entertainment, business, technology, lifestyle, fashion, health, among others. The readers can select the topic they want to be aware of.

Reliance Jio has informed that the Jio News app is a consolidated offering of Jio XpressNews, Jio Mags, and Jio NewsPaper. The company has informed that all the existing users of Jio XpressNews, Jio Mags, and Jio NewsPaper will be able to use Jio News. If you’re a Jio network user you’ll be able to get “premium access”. All non-Jio users will need to logging in to Jio News to use the app.

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