Jio Rolls-out Youtube To Its Jio Phone After WhatsApp SMP Blogs

Jio Rolls-out Youtube To Its Jio Phone After WhatsApp

Reliance Jio Phone looks like any other ordinary mobile phone with the keypad. But its features are what make it stand out from the crowd. Its simple looks can be deceiving, after getting WhatsApp on Jio Phone, right now Youtube is also accessible on the mobile phone.

Jio Phones run under KaiOS. Primary features of KaiOS are that it supports 4G LTE E, Wi-Fi, and GPS in the ordinary looking featured phone. Just like how WhatsApp was specifically designed for KaiOS, Youtube has also been designed especially for JioPhone.

At the 41st Reliance AGM, Mukesh Ambani, Reliance Chairman announced that Jio Phones will receive official apps like WhatsApp, Youtube, Facebook and Google Maps. Although, the apps were not released as early as stated by the company but have arrived with a delay of two months.

YouTube app on JioPhone will let you feel the same experience of using it on any Smartphone. The app can be downloaded through Jio App store. Youtube version 1.08.64 will be supported on JioPhone. All that is required to get the app downloaded running on your Jio device is just to keep it updated to the latest KaiOS.

Steps to get YouTube on JioPhone:

1. Open Jio App Store

2. Search for YouTube on the search bar.

3. Download YouTube and get it installed.

On the other hand, few users might find the app to be not so user-friendly. This is because as the app has been designed to be compatible with KaiOS operating system, YouTube on JioPhone will have fewer tabs on comparing to those in Smartphone.

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