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Kerala Becomes First Indian State For Internet As A Basic Human Rights

The Kerala Government has decided to execute a project called Kerala Fiber Optic Network with a budget of 10 Billion Indian Rupees which aims to provide basic internet access to 20 lakh poor families for free. Kerala the most literate state of India with a literacy level 93.91% as of 2011.

The state has made internet access to be one of its basic human rights. The United Nations recommends this to a step as a fundamental human right that should be taken by every country. Right to Broadband else known as Right to Internet Access says that it is a fundamental right of an individual for freedom of expression by exercising and enjoying the internet access.

In todays digital era, any effort made by the government to make its the country move ahead on a digital range will be worthless without a basic internet access. Finance Minister of Kerala, Mr.Thomas Issac said to Hindustan Times, First we have to ensure that adequate infrastructure is put in place. We will take an Rs 1,000-crore loan from the Kerala Infrastructure Development Fund Board for the purpose. After that, we will speak to telecom providers in this regard.

The project also includes on establishing free Wi-Fi connections at government offices, public places, libraries, Akshaya center and Janasevana Kendras.

There are several other countries like Finland, France, Costa Rica, Estonia and Greece where internet access is a basic right of a citizen and now the Kerala state of India will also be joining them.

This project planned by Kerala government is one of the greatest steps taken by the state to move from one literacy level to another.

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