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Latest WhatsApp Update Gives Middle Finger To Android Users

If you use WhatsApp, go update the app. It has added a number of unique new emojis, which will probably help you communicate better. For example, if you are angry at someone, with the new WhatsApp you will be able to flick your middle finger, virtually expressing yourself. Or if you are watching movies, you will have the option to send a virtual bucket of popcorn to your friends.

The new version 2.12.424 can be updated through Google Play Store/Apple iTunes/Windows store. You can also update it via official website of WhatsApp. The app previously had just five tabs of emojis. With the new set of emojis the messaging app has tried giving almost every emotion an icon.

The new emojis include things like middle finger, upside-down face, spider, popcorn, burrito, racing cars, medals and many more.

In its previous updates, the messaging app had introduced features like starred message through which you can mark your important messages so that it does not get lost in the heap of other messages. Users can also keep a backup of their chats and videos on Google drive.

WhatsApp had recently announced that it had now reached a user base of one billion. It had also said that it was not going to charge anything and would remain free for lifetime.

When it started, WhatsApp announced itself as a service “ensuring that anyone could stay in touch with family and friends anywhere on the planet, without costs or gimmicks standing in the way”.

In the subsequent years, it has indeed proven true. WhatsApp has become lifeline for almost every smartphone users. For those living away from homes, the app gives a sense of connectivity 24X7. While its users have already reached one billion, the messaging app continues to bring innovative ideas to make it more interesting.

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