Microsoft Band 2 Has A Curved Screen And Cortana

Microsoft has bold ambitions for wearables. It is a not jumping on me-too gravy-train of smartwatches. Its Band and HoloLens wearables are very good examples of this strategy. On Tuesday, the company announced the second generation of its Band fitness tracker and the device comes with a wide array of improvements, the significant ones include a curved OLED screen reinforced with Gorilla Glass 3 and support for Microsoft’s virtual assistant Cortana. The Band 2 will be available October 30 onward in the US for $249.

Some of the highlights of the Band 2 include built-in GPS tracking, sleep tracking, a heart rate monitor and also a barometer to track changes in elevation. It can also monitor the maximum volume of Oxygen your body can process per minute also called VO2Max. The Band has also been tailored for specific sports. For instance, if you’re into golf, it will be able to give you analytics about what’s happening with your swing.

The Microsoft Health platform has been improved further and Cortana integration is perhaps the biggest new feature of the Band 2 from a software perspective. With Cortana integrated, it can tell you when your workout is and schedule things for you. Using Microsoft Health, which is available across iOS, Windows and Android – the Bands 2 is able to give users big data analytics something that wouldn’t be normally available to normal fitness trackers.

With new partnerships in play, Microsoft Health is being integrated with a raft of third party apps and services and the platform is able to soak in all the data from the various sources to give a detailed outlook of your activities. Apps like Uber, Lose-it, Subway and Facebook are being developed for the Microsoft Band 2.


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