New Ways to Connect with the Facebook Family of Apps

New Ways to Connect with the Facebook Family of Apps

1.Messenger Platform

Introducing a new way for apps to integrate with Messenger so people can better express themselves with GIFs, photos, videos, audio clips and more. For developers, this means more opportunities for growth and engagement.

2.Businesses on Messenger

Previewing the first steps we’re taking to reinvent the way people communicate and interact with businesses.

3.New Share Sheet

A simple, consistent experience for sharing from apps to Facebook.

4.Facebook Analytics for Apps

Facebook Analytics for Apps helps developers build better apps and experiences for people. Developers now have a single place where they can understand their audience, measure how people use their app across devices and improve their marketing campaigns.


Mobile app publishers can now use LiveRail’s monetization platform to manage their video and display ads business. Additionally, LiveRail is enabling publishers to use Facebook’s approach for delivering the right ad to the right audience—meaning better results and better experiences for people.

6.Internet of Things

Developers can now easily use Parse to build a whole new category of apps for connected devices, from garage door openers to smoke detectors to wearable wristbands.

7.Social Plugins

Refreshed Social Plugins with updated designs and better mobile experiences that will help people engage with content off Facebook. The Embedded Video Player is an entirely new social plugin that lets publishers embed native Facebook videos in a full-bleed video player. People can now watch and interact with Facebook videos from anywhere on the web.

8.Spherical Video Coming to News Feed

Previewing an immersive, 360-degree video experience in News Feed that lets you choose the viewing angle to explore your surroundings.


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