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Once Upon A Time, There Was A Microsoft Surface Mini

We’ve all heard numerous stories of how Microsoft built a 7-inch Surface Mini to take on Apple’s Mini tablets, duh! but never made it official. Stories they were up until now though.

For the first time in two years a Microsoft executive has gone on record to confirm the existence of the long rumoured Surface Mini. And who better to spill the beans than the company’s corporate vice president in charge of devices, Panos Panay.

In an interview with Wired , Panay known for his fiery and energetic stage persona has revealed that the Surface Mini was indeed real, and was definitely awesome.

In fact, the unreleased Surface Mini was his bedside companion two years back, at a time when the Redmond giant started toying with the idea of what was to later become the Surface Book Microsoft’s take on the laptop.

He recalls how he used to get sudden surges of inspiration in the middle of the night and he would find himself jotting down notes and drafting emails on his Surface Mini.

“It was like a Moleskine. It was awesome,” Panay recounts. Definitely, there’s an air of excitement when he says this, and we have every reason to believe that the Surface Mini could have been awesome, had Microsoft decided to ship it. Sadly, we will never know.

All we know is that a Surface Mini existed, and that Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella and the company’s former executive VP Stephen Elop oddly decided to ditch it at the very last moment. Reports suggest that Nadella and Elop didn’t bet on a Surface Mini because it wasn’t very different from what rivals notably Apple were giving you. They apparently had a foresight that the Surface Mini wouldn’t be a hit.

Only the Surface Pro 3 was launched that day in May 2014 and the rest as they say is history. As for the Surface Mini, although Panay did not directly confirm that it has been scrapped altogether, the fact that he addresses things pertaining to it in past tense is reason enough to believe that the company is done with it.

Having said that, Microsoft’s take on the laptop an idea that the company started working on two years back (maybe more) in the Surface Book is here, and by the looks of it it’s here to stay.

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