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Patanjali Kimbho App Disappears From Play store

Patanjali, an Indian based mineral, and the herbal company also wanted to play a role in making India digitalized. The stepping stone for this idea was releasing an app called as Patanjali Kimbho.

The initial share of apps link was done by Acharya Balkrishna (Co-founder of Patanjali) on his official Twitter account. In which he wrote down about the app having a trial version and gave the link to download it from Play store. Trail app was released for Android as well as iOS. Eventually, the app gained huge attention resulting in 5,000 downloads. But was it the best app ever? No.

Users who downloaded the app felt that it had the worst UI ever and it also asked for eight levels of permission. The apps privacy policy stated that no personal information of the user will be shared or be sold to the third party but can be shared for better performance, improvement and maintain Kimbhoh Services. Few comments of its users were Is this a joke? Worst UI ever, never seen something worse than this .. Wrote one user and another saying When I’m registering, it says try later. Whats this? Rubbish!.

Popular French security expert under pseudonym Elliot Alderson went into the app and said that he could clearly see all third-party messages in the platform, which confirmed on how insecure the app was.

Patanjali’s spokesperson S K Tijarawala said that the removal of their app from Google Play store was because of some conspiracy of foreign companies and they have decided to re-launch the app officially on Aug 27.

Patanjali’s intention in releasing this app was to replace WhatsApp and provide all its similar features to its user. But it seems like they have failed to do so. Will the app perform better after re-launch? A question that only time can answer.


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